About the Ministry


Our Vision and Mission

Word of Reconciliation Ministries is a ministry designed to bring healing to the body, soul, and spirit of man. As a G-12 Cell Church, our vision is to win souls and make disciples. Our goal is for every believer to become a leader. We Win through Men, Women, Youth, and Children Networks. We Consolidate through Pre-encounter teachings, weekend Encounter Retreats, and Post-encounter classes. We Disciple through the School of Discovery and lastly, we Send Godly leaders forth to duplicate themselves in others.

We recognize the importance of ministering to people in every stage of life. We train from infant to adult in the things of God. We are involved in the development of the lives of children and impart in them the life of Christ by the Word and by example. We develop and nurture Godly, productive, citizens who train others. We love, and care for our senior citizens by preparing to make their lives more comfortable and enjoyable. By utilizing the G-12 concept, we build strong disciples, strong families and ultimately, strong communities.

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